My first name is Osman. It is my mother's maiden name. She's a strong woman. When she got married, her culture dictated that she change her last name. She did - but not without giving it to me first. 

My last name is Noor. It means 'light' in Arabic. My parents always tell me that, as their second child, I was able to illuminate the successes and failures of their first round of parenthood. A sacrifice, it seems, whose fruits my little brother is still enjoying.

I was always curious. When people-watching, I would find myself giving all of my subjects their own stories. Some stories were magical, others were sad, some were triumphant. And, really, they were all realistic possibilities. 

Everybody has a story. 

I still people-watch, but nowadays it's mostly for work. I am fortunate enough to have a platform where people can speak for themselves and have their voices amplified. Hopefully my work and their experiences combine to enlighten our audience. 

Stories need to be told. They are the single biggest driver of feeling, which leads to action. This much is universal. I've lived on the East Coast, West Coast, Egypt and Kenya. Emotion translates. I believe my job is to give each person whose story I cover an urgency to their story that will move people in any given direction.